Friday, September 2, 2011

One lonely morning two years ago....

Two years ago today, I tried to commit suicide because I didn't feel like who I am as a person fit into the world I lived in. While it hasn't been all butterflies and rainbows these past 2 years, it has definitely been an amazing journey I never would have embarked on if I had been successful with my attempt that lonely morning, two years ago.

If you feel you can't take it anymore, or that nobody cares, or that transitioning could never work for you, or that death is the only answer....please please please gets better.


Shannon said...

Bless you! and I thank Poppa that you were not successful. How empty my life would be with out your smile and laughter in it. said...

The world is better with you in it.

Jen said...

SO glad you made it. We are all better for the impression that you've made on us. (:

Kix said...

Good video :)
Very glad that you're still around and that sticking around actually changed things for you. When I started thinking about transition I read a lot in your blog and watched your videos, and it helped me understand a lot of things - even myself, although this was about a woman.
Yesterday I had a short moment where I just wanted to quit because I'm so scared of things to come. But it doesn't take much to remind me that life is beautiful and that somehow I will make it. And should I forget this, you are the best example to remind me.


Cynthia said...

You have been a force to be reckoned with here in blogistan. You never ceased to amaze me. Always an inspiration.

I remember reading and listening to your words about your failed suicide. God truly had a better plan for you, and not only you, but the rest of us have benefitted enormously.

Stay as lovely as you are right now and always.


Petra Bellejambes said...

Wonderful sentiments, beautifully expressed. I would not presume to speak for "God", but surely, this is how things were intended to be, yes?

Thanks for everything.

Warmly yours,

Debra said...

@Mom - Thanks =)

@Stacy - Thanks so much

@Jen - I'm so glad =)

@Kix - I'm so glad my blog/life could be such a help to you, even from the other side ;) *hugs*

@Cynthia - Thank you, God definitely had a better plan =)

@Petra - Yes I believe this was definitely how it was meant to be ;)

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