Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween 2011 Experience

For Halloween this year, I only attended one costume party. It was this last Saturday at a club with a bunch of friends I know well. It was actually a fundraiser event too and I helped setup as well as sell raffle tickets.

For setup, I arrived early and helped put up a bunch of decorations. We zip-tied a bunch of branches together, hung them up in the beams, and strung lights and fake cobwebs on them. The place looked really cool when we were done.

I had been unsure if I would have time to go home to get ready so I actually had come prepared to change into costume and "do up" my makeup but we ended up finishing with 3 hours to spare before the party.

The last two years, I tried to dress more conservatively instead of giving into the sexy/slutty ways of the holiday but this year I went all out. I wasn't sure what I was going to be at first and then I happened upon a cute pair of heels that were purple with pink stripes and a pink bow on them. They were a bit over the top for everyday wear but I figured they would be ok with a pair of boot cut jeans and the right top.

I took a picture of them and posted it on Facebook and among the comments, someone said they looked quite 'Cheshire'. And suddenly I had a costume idea. I searched around and found a coupled different 'sexy Cheshire cat' costumes and settled on one that would go just perfectly with the shoes. I added much more to my makeup than I'd do on a normal day including deep purple glitter eyeshadow. I also added some cute whiskers with an eyeliner crayon.

I arrived early to the party to help with any last minute preparations and the party started soon after. I received so many compliments from people about both my costume and my shoes alone. I felt very pretty and sexy the whole night. The costume came with a tail and I tried to wag it as I walked lol. I ended up selling raffle tickets to people throughout the night too and that helped with socializing.

At one point, I approached the DJ and asked if he wanted to buy raffle tickets and he said he'd love to but he didn't have cash and hadn't been paid for this gig yet but he still wanted to talk and ask about the prizes and stuff. I didn't pay it much mind but wandered off after we finished talking. I visited the photographer and he took a picture of a couple different poses....I hope they came out nice! If so, I may post one or two on here.

Anyway the night went on and about 12:30am, I decided it was time for me to go home. I hugged a bunch of people goodbye and grabbed my coat and purse and headed outside. As I turned the corner, I saw the door behind me open and a guy run out but I kept walking. He got to the corner and said something like 'hey!' to get my attention, I forget what it was exactly. I stopped and I have to admit I was a bit was dark out and I was dressed scantily except my coat and nobody else was around.

He walked up to me and I realized that it was the DJ. Our conversation was something like this:

Him: Hey, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: *smile* no I don't.
Him: Oh well um could I have your number by chance?
Me: Oh....sure. lol

We traded numbers and he went back inside and I went to my car and drove home, smiling all the way. We texted some the next day and he said I looked so beautiful that night he couldn't take his eyes off of me. *blush*

Tonight I'll probably wear my costume again for any trick-or-treaters that I get but other than that, no other plans. But anyway that was my Halloween experience.

Edit: Added a pic my mom took on Halloween for a better view of my full costume. I'm practicing a pose lol.


Brenda said...

It's so nice... I long for the day I'll reach that point. I guess these kind of things really give you that feeling that you've finally arrived.

I wish you all the best!

Teagan said...

This post makes me smile. :)

Caroline said...

Are you surprised he wanted your number!?

Lucy Melford said...

Congratulations on (a) finding a really good outfit; and (b) making such a good impression with the DJ.

A really nice uplifting post.


Ariel said...

Sounds like an excellent Halloween experience. And hopefully beyond!

brian said...

Lucky DJ.

Debra said...

Thanks everyone for your comments ;)

@brian - *blush* ;)

@Ariel - Yes very very excellent hehe.

@Lucy - Thanks! glad you enjoyed the post.

@Caroline - Yeah I was surprised. I haven't had many guys just randomly ask me for my number before ;)

@Teagan - =)

@Brenda - Yes it does feel like that a lot...everyday...but moments like that add to it in a big way for sure =)

Marie said...

With legs like that, you're surprised he wanted your number? Woowoo....:)

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