Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 year post-op

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since I had surgery. It's faded into my memory as a distant milestone in the past, taking with it the transition of someone who once lived a completely different life.

Many transitioners complain that once someone has surgery, they tend to fade into the distance and are never heard from again. After having gone through the process myself, I can completely relate to those desires. To some extent, I did fade away. My whole point of view changed because for all intents and purposes, transition had ended finally. The last year has been quite different from the year before where I was very much 'in between'.

My adopted mom recently asked me if I was going to celebrate the one year anniversary of my surgery and I was kind of surprised. I really hadn't considered it being something to celebrate persay. It was indeed a pivotal point in my life and yet in a lot of ways it wasn't. It was merely the end of the old life and a new beginning. I guess what I'm trying to say is as much of a big deal it's not a big deal. It's over and done with and I'd rather not celebrate it or remember it fondly. It was something I had to do and I did it and I moved on. And I'm happier for it.

That being said, most of you know I had a hard recovery and at one year later, I am pretty well satisfied with the results. I have seen my surgeon for a couple followups and will probably see her at least one more time this year. I haven't experienced a deeply intense orgasm like the few I had during transition yet but my sexual experiences are still very pleasurable. I do still smile at myself when I put underwear on in the mirror. =) I'm dilating about twice a week now and it's relatively routine and easy.

In conclusion, it's been a year and I'm happy and doing well. =)

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