Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3rd Year Blogiversary

So my blogiversary was July 11th and I had planned to write something up for it but I guess with all of the things that are going on in my life, it slipped my mind.

But it's never too late to write, right? I'm posting it late but it'll show up as the correct date

So wow it's been three years since I started this blog.

My first post on the blog showed the readers the inner turmoil I was feeling while trying to continue to adhere to the lifestyle and beliefs that my parents raised me with while struggling with very obvious gender confused feelings.

My first blogiversary, I reflected back upon this after almost a year of transition behind me. I had lived full time as a woman at this point for about 6 months and had scheduled my Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS). I had obviously made peace with myself and had completely changed my life in many ways. I was had just finalized my divorce with my ex-wife and moved into my own apartment.

By the time I was at my second blogiversary, I had been on HRT for almost 2 years and was already 4 months post-op from GCS. I had met the man of my dreams (though I didn't know it yet) and had been continually dating guys. I began to feel less trans and less 'in between genders' and more like the woman I know I've always been inside.

Now at my third blogiversary, my blog posts have dwindled because there is not much "trans" about my life to really talk about anymore. I stopped dating late last year and decided since transition was "over", I needed to seek out new passions I'd never even dreamed of before. The results of that were volunteer video editing and modeling. Sometimes I can't believe just how much modeling has become a part of my life now. I went from maybe one shoot a month to five or six and then I realized I needed to throttle them better. 

I have a dedicated boyfriend whom I've been dating for almost 9 months now. I made a huge jump last year and changed jobs, gaining myself not only a nice pay increase but also work I've been more excited about, as well as an environment where nobody ever knew me as I was before. Finally, I moved in with my boyfriend after renting my own apartment for two years.

In conclusion, I suppose I just hope that my transition and life can be an example for any of you in similar situations, especially if you feel like I felt 3 years ago: so lost and forlorn. Take these things into account:

1. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.
2. Only you can make the decisions you need to make for your life....nobody else.
3. It takes time. LOTS of time. Have patience and try to enjoy the time in between and getting to know a side of yourself you may have been forced to hide.
4. Think positive. There are lots of negative things about transition; so many you could get lost in them. Don't let them bring you down.

Thanks for being supportive readers and watchers and the best of luck to you all =)

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