Monday, December 3, 2012

How Mickey Became Minnie

Take a look at this link. It's a short blurb from a mother's perspective about her 15 year old son coming out as really being a girl. She notes in part of it that at some point, there was a switchover in her mind and looking at her son, she could see how he could be Minnie instead of Mickey. And yet it also describes her awkward feelings after seeing her newfound daughter in feminine clothing for the first time. Really a great post and probably a good blog to follow going forward.


Cassidy said...

Hi Debra!

Thank you for posting this. You're right; this is a good one to follow going forward.

And thank you for *your* blog too. I've been wanting to leave a comment for a long time, because your blog is one that helped me enormously when I finally decided to transition about a year and a half ago. Your courage and honesty were, and are, an inspiration.

I lived in Seattle for ten years, and will return there when I'm full time. I miss it very much. And I miss Tully's too! (I knew I was reading a kindred spirit when I saw how many times you mentioned them! ) Although I confess to an addiction to Starbucks toffee nut iced coffee - even in winter!

Anyway, thank you again, Debra, for everything!


Debra said...

Thanks Cassidy =) Yes Tullys is awesome. I've had to cut down though. Too much sugar and fat to have everyday anymore haha

Cassidy said...

No! Don't say that! I'm still addicted to my iced coffee! lol

I may have to reconsider this, all joking aside. I'm still working on getting my diet in order, mostly in terms of portions. A girl's work never ends, I suppose...

Thanks again, Debra!


Valeta said...

Made me cry. xoxox <3

Jennifer said...

This is actually a very tragic story, sadly there isn't anything to follow : I'm probably going to cry the rest of the night. So horribly sad. Minnie didn't make heart is weaping for her mom. I'm so glad for all those that did make it, but even one lost one is far too many...

Debra said...

@Jennifer - yeah I read that later on and found myself bawling my eyes out. Life is so unfair sometimes.

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