Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trans 30 Day Challenge - Day 16

Day 16) What’s your rock anthem(s) and why?

Gosh I have a whole playlist of Trans-related songs that mean something to me. Watch any of my special videos and you'll come across the main ones. I also suppose these aren't really 'rock' haha.

-- Defying Gravity - For me this song is symbolic in many ways. Transition is a long and painful process that most wont ever have to go through. In some ways, it may seem like you are defying laws of nature, defying your past, defying those around you who say you can't do it. For me it was all of those things.

-- The Real Me - This is actually a religious song but it translates very well for transition. Before transition and even during it, a lot of people won't see the real you. Even when transition is somewhat over, some people will refuse to see the real you. Yet there will always be those who see you for who you are.

-- She's a butterfly - Transitioning from caterpillar to butterfly. Especially significant for MTF. I imagine that FTM dont want to be compared to a butterfly but I could be wrong ;) My adopted mom said I really blossomed at one point and she refers to this song.

-- Reflection - This one for me was more of a song before transition. It was looking in the mirror and seeing a boy when I knew i was a girl...and knowing that not only was the mirror not showing the right reflection but nobody else was seeing it either.


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