Monday, March 4, 2013

Trans 30 Day Challenge - Day 4

Day 4: How did your family take it when you came out/ if you are not out why aren’t you?

Well as many readers know already, when I came out my parents didn't take it so well. Because of that and as time went by, we've officially become estranged with no real timeline for ever reconnecting. My sister lives with them and seems to have taken the same route as them in how to handle my transition.

As for my brother, it took him some time but I think after he saw how positive my life became when I transitioned, he started to understand and he's been very supportive since. My aunt and uncle are also supportive.

That being said, since coming out, I've accumulated many 'family members of choice' and I'm very thankful for all of them as well as close friends.


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